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Street Parties: The Great British Tradition

With the Coronation of King Charles III just around the corner, we can’t help but think of the history of street parties in the UK. Street parties have been a cherished British tradition for decades, these gatherings are a great way to bring neighbours together, reignite a sense of community and celebrate special occasions.

The first ever recorded British street party dates back to 1919 when communities came together to celebrate the end of the First World War, where residents across the UK held what was referred to as ‘Peace Teas’, in very traditional British fashion, initially, these events were formal sit down affairs and were seen as a treat for children who had suffered hardship during the war and flu epidemics.

In the 1950s the tradition really took off when street parties were held to celebrate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, and soon residents across Britain continued organising these events to commemorate any major national days of celebration. National street parties were held to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II Silver and Diamond Jubilees, multiple royal weddings, and VE days throughout the years.

Street parties have also been used as a way of protesting against government policies. In the 1980s, the Notting Hill Carnival was under threat of cancellation due to police concerns over violence. In response, local residents organised a street party, which has now become an annual event that attracts millions of visitors from all over the world.

At Nova Events, we are a huge fan of street parties, they are a wonderful way of bringing together communities, commemorating special events, and creating unforgettable memories for residents across the nation. We cannot wait to see our performers, from jugglers and stilt walkers to singers and drumming bands. They will be dressed to impress in coronation-themed attire celebrating the coronation with local communities all over Britain.

We would love to come along if you are planning a street party or community event. Get in touch and let us handle the entertainment.


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