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Be a head above the rest with our fabulous stilt-walkers!

With an array of larger-than-life costumes, our stilt-walkers are a certified way to create photo opportunities!

We have an extensive and glamorous costume wardrobe,  from LED Glow girls across to four-legged animals and showgirls or carnival acts. Alternatively we have a large range of child-friendly clowns, butterflies, dragons and more. Our in-house design team makes it easy for us to create bespoke pieces, and tailor our costumes for your event.  All of our costumes have a family friendly option so can be versatile with different events!   


Our beautiful girls and guys provide a perfect opportunity as a meet&greet, or walkabout act for your event. They are versatile in height and can be adjusted to suit larger or smaller venues. Because of this, we can also ensure we can reach your clientele if you'd like us to hand out canapés, or goodies! 

Carnival Stilt-Walkers for Hire
Stilt-Walkers Events Entertainment
The Greatest Showman Stiltwalker Events Hire
Festival Stilt-Walkers Events Entertainers
Fairy Stilt-Walkers for Events
Circus Stilt-Walkers for Hire
Events Entertainment Stilt-Walkers
Hire Stilt-Walkers for Your Next Event
Stilt-Walker for Hire
Hire Zoo Animal Stilt-Walkers for Events
Festival Stiltwalkers for Hire
LED Stilt-Walkers for Events Entertainment
Carnival Stilt-Walkers for Events
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