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How to Make a Good First Impression

When hosting an event, how do you welcome your guests? Do you leave it all up to outstanding decor, or do you provide a welcoming face?

Sometimes events can be a little slow to lift off the ground until the drinks start flowing. Take the initial awkwardness away and plunge your guests straight into the party mood with a fabulous talking point.

Here at Nova, we know first hand how important meet&greet entertainment is to lift an event off the ground from the get-go. Those first few moments on entrance can provide a platform of how you mean the event to go on. Lift your guests into the world of an underwater theme with giant jellyfish stilt-walkers, welcome them to 'The Big Top' with a ringmaster or fire breathers, or take them right into the Las Vegas Casinos with some glitzy showgirls. It's very important to create the type of ambience you’d like the event to continue with.

Your meet&greet entertainment is essentially the face of your event, so should be considered carefully.

Most Popular Meet&Greet Acts:

1. Vegas Showgirls

Adding glitz and glamour to all events. Our showgirls can welcome guests and take photos, or can be booked to be proactive in giving gifts out, welcome drinks, or directing guests.

2. The Champagne Dress

Give out the welcome drinks in style with our roaming champagne dresses. We have a wide range of costuming for all event styles and themes.

3. The Mirror Men

Looking for a unique act that provides those 'selfie moments' from the get-go? The Mirror Men are our most popular act, and never fail to get an incredible reception - the perfect face to an event.

If you have an event you'd like meet&greet entertainment for, get in touch for a tailored proposal:


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