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5 Entertainment Trends for 2020

Get ahead of the game with the latest event entertainment trends for 2020.

1. Festivals

There are more than 7000 major festivals held across the UK per year. Over 45 million people attend these festivals each year. With this increasingly popular market, there's becoming a bit of a 'blur' between corporate/private events and festivals, as companies steer away from the traditional office and birthday parties, and instead head into the realm of outdoor festivals. We see more and more weddings, anniversary events, and nightclubs transforming outdoor spaces and creating a fun-filled festival party.

2. Sustainability

The world is focusing on how to enjoy ourselves whilst reducing our carbon footprint. The Greta effect is now, and any event should be considering how to get on board. By doing this, you can help contribute to the world, whilst also painting your brand in a positive light and leaving a memorable legacy. A lot of event hosts will now consider using plastic alternatives, recyclable decor, easier travel options for guests, and if you do bring in entertainment; ensuring that it is contributing to this stand. At Nova we have a full biodegradable glitter bar available, with hand-mixed bio glitters that are all cosmetic grade.

3. Insta- Worthy

Technology is rapidly advancing and we now have 5G on the horizon. By 2025 Sony Ericsson believe that most phone uses will be using 5G. With the world becoming non-reliant on Wifi hotspots, being online has never been easier. This combined with the ever-growing world of social media, means that more guests will be focused on uploading their online content during events, rather than having to upload at a later stage if the event was 'off-grid'. Because of this, there must now be a larger focus on continually producing those Insta-worthy moments throughout events.

4. An Immersive Experience

2020 is all about creating an immersive experience within any event, and allowing guests to take an active role in their journey. Tear down the wall between 'observer' and participant whilst inspiring guests to engage with their surroundings. Interaction is key, and ensuring no guests are passive during 'performances', with as much engagement as possible. Some of our most popular acts are currently our Mirror Men, roaming ipad magicians, the Living Trees, and live actors as characters of the theme. These acts allow for plenty of engagement and interaction.

5. Non-Traditional Venues

There seems to be a large movement away from typical hotel conference areas, and towards more unique venue experiences. Mazes, fields, football grounds, stately homes and plenty more less traditional options are taking centre stage as event planners attempt to create more unique experiences. Originality is a constant aspiration, and we are seeing a larger amount of unique enquiries. Just this week we have had an enquiry for a singing drag ringmaster to lead a parade from one field into a circus tent in another field, whilst singing classic Greatest Showman tunes. Expect the unexpected.


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