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Our Top Christmas Entertainment

I know what everyone is thinking; we've only just got sunshine, let's not ask for Christmas already! But here at PWF the enquiries have started, and we are prepping for a fabulous Christmas ahead of us!

From Christmas Light Switch Ons, to shopping centre events and Christmas parties - we have you covered! We have an array of metallics, sequins and glitter just waiting for your booking!

We've now updated our 'services' section of the website, to feature a 'Christmas Acts' page at the top for your ease of perusing our options. But do note that not all of our acts are on there, for specific themes get in contact and we can personalise our extensive options for your needs.

Here's five of our top favourite Christmas Entertainment options:

1. LED Stilt-walking Snow Queens

Our Snow Queens are our most popular act yet and a real favourite for all types of events!

The LED lights in the costume make it perfect for Christmas Light Switch Ons, and the queen-like nature goes down a treat in shopping centres and Christmas parties! She's a top pick for child or adult audiences, adding a real Christmas feel to all events.

The custom-made costume was designed in-house and is exclusive to Playing With Fire Entertainment, and features a larger-than-life light-up skirt in holographic silver and white, with blue and white lighting inside. The corset has an array of pearls and diamantes with added snowflakes, whilst the snowflake backpiece, wand and headdress all feature white lighting through glitter, bells and feathers!

2. LED Stilt-walking Christmas Trees

With our Snow Queens being so popular, we have had light-up stilt-walking Christmas Trees made!

Again, featuring a light-up larger-than-life skirt, (Lights not on in image), making her great for Christmas light switch-ons, or shopping centre and parties! These costumes were designed in-house exclusive to Playing With Fire Entertainment.

The costume also features lights in the giant bow headbands, and is accentuated with red glitter bows everywhere. Great as a meet&greet or mix&mingle act, and happy to give out presents whilst roaming! A santa bag with some goodies in always goes down a treat and would work fabulously alongside this act. Alternatively, a tray of candy canes could be a great option!

3. LED Winged Butterflies

Get photo happy as our LED butterflies glide through the sky on tall stilts!

Let your customers stand in awe as our stilt-walkers literally light up their night!Great for meet and greets, or mix and mingle! We have an array of different coloured butterflies and wings, from red, silver, blue and gold. We also have family friendly options in all, or nightclub options.

4. Animatronic Polar Bear

Meet our life-size animatronic polar bear! With super-realistic features, this polar

bear is the perfect addition to any winter themed event! From Narnia, to Winter Wonderland and more, our polar bear will not only fit right in, but cause quite the stir! With one of our performers guiding the costume from inside, we can guarantee realistic movements and great interaction.

5. Candy Canes

be worn as leotards, or a full-coverage catsuit option is also available. They feature a large candy cane backpiece and headdress and can come with a candy tray full of candy canes! A great roaming act on stilts, foot, or even roller-skates!


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