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Spicing Up Your Valentines!

The event is set, the venue looks beautiful; now it's time to source what can provide that extra 'sparkle' for the evening!

Here are our top 5 picks for the most memorable Valentine's entertainment:

1. Musicians

There's nothing like an LED violinist, a suave saxophonist, or bouncing bongo player to set the tone! Whether it's adding that extra mood in a restaurant, or stealing the show in a nightclub, musicians always go down a treat.

2. Fire Performers

Nothing quite 'heats' up Valentines than actual fire! Meet& Greet outside for a truly warm entrance, or work the stage with a spectacular show - either way, we can assure you this will definitely be a Snapchat moment!

3. Magicians

There's likely been a time in your life where you have come away from an event saying 'That magician was amazing'. When you hire a magician from PWF, we can promise you true 'magic' will have all your guests in awe.

4. Walkabout Act & LED Frame

Whether you opt for some colour with our authentic Brazilian Carnival costumes, or some glitz with our Vegas Show Girls, our hosts and their LED frame will be sure to capture every couple's next profile picture!

5. Burlesque Performers

Taking your Valentines into the realm of true cabaret - oozing sex appeal, theatrics, and a tease that will re-play in your mind!


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