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Step into the future for your next event! 

Whether you're having a small party and would like to add a wow-factor moment, or a large-scale event which you'd like a full choreographed show; we can do it all!

Browse our photos from previous events, and check out our recommended acts for this theme below!

Previous Futuristic Themed Events:

Accompanying Acts:

LED Robots - Futuristic Party Entertainment

LED Robots

Step into the future with our array of larger-than-life LED robot costumes. Our newest Transformer is not to be missed!

LED Pixel Show - Futuristic Party Entertainment

The LED Pixel Show

The incredible LED Pixel Show is not one to be missed with  your corporate logos able to be featured in the lights.

The Ultimate LED Show - Futuristic Party Entertainment

The Ultimate LED Show

This show is truly incredible combining dancers, hula-hoopers, roller-skaters, acrobats and even a robot!

LED Stilt Walkers - Futuristic Party Entertainment

LED Stilt-walkers

Our incredible LED Stilt-Walkers are a favourite and recommended for any event type. There's no better way to grab attention!

LED Photo Frames - Futuristic Party Entertainment

LED Frames

We have a range of beautiful walkabout, or photo booth, LED frames that can be provided with costumed hostesses themed to any occasion.

LED Staff Show - Futuristic Party Entertainment

LED Staff Show

Watch this incredible pixel staff show, with a costume and prop that lights to the beat of the music. There's no better musicality combined with LEDs than this show!

LED Dancers - Futuristic Party Entertainment

LED Dancers

Light up the room with an LED dance show, or LED ambient podium dancers in your event. 

LED Acrobalance Show - Futuristic Party Entertainment

LED Acrobalance Show

Combining strength, agility and stamina with a compelling visual twist that will mesmerise any audience!

LED Hula-Hoopers - Futuristic Event Entertainment

LED Hula-Hoopers

Our incredible LED hula-hoopers are completely hypnotic to watch, and all end on a multi-hoop finale!

LED Musicians - Futuristic Party Entertainment

LED Musicians

Choose from our LED sax, bongos, or violinists to create a true audio visual performance.

LED Fans/Whips/Cubes - Futuristic Party Entertainment

LED Fans/Whip/Cube

Our large range of incredible LED props means we have something suitable for all events.

Mirror Men - Futuristic Party Entertainment

The Mirror Men

Our Mirror Men really bring the glitz and moves to any event! Great for meet&greets, walkabout, or stage shows!

Disco Heads - Futuristic Party Entertainment

Disco Heads

Bring the disco to the people! Meet our dancing disco heads; the first to the dance floor and the last to leave.

Glitter Painters - Futuristic Party Entertainment

Glitter Painters

There's absolutely no event out there, that we wouldn't love to make sparkle! Great for all ages. 

Mirror Violinist - Futuristic Party Entertainment

Mirror Violinist

An audio visual experience combining the sounds of electric violin with a scintillating human mirrorball.

LED Jugglers - Futuristic Party Entertainment

LED Jugglers

Watch as our soloists, or duos perform with such an incredible precision that their shows will look hypnotic!

LED Martini Glass - Futuristic Event Entertainment

LED Martini Glass

Our giant LED martini glass is the perfect addition to any event looking to add some glitz and glamour!

LED Poi - Futuristic Party Entertainment


A great addition to nightclubs, or corporate functions where our pixel poi can feature your own logos or imagery!

LED Dancers - Futuristic Party Entertainment

LED Dancers

We have a range of incredible LED shows to suit any event! From LED dancers and acrobats through to LED robots we are certain the shows will amaze!

Cyr Wheel - Futuristic Party Entertainment

Cyr Wheel

Awe-inspiring strength and elegance makes this a favourite of all clients! A unique and creative show.

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