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Nova Team

Performer's Guide

Hey, I'm Sarah - the Managing Director of Nova Events. 

Huge big ol' welcome to the team! I have a passion for creating captivating entertainment for all events, and am so excited to have you on board to bring more sparkle to the Nova family. 

Leaving a trail of glitter wherever we visit 


'The Basics'

Costumes can be provided for all events, but it is worth noting what is required of you to provide yourself:


  • Black high waisted hot pants

  • White high waisted hot pants

  • Sleek black high heels

  • Sleek Gold/ Silver/ Nude high heels 

  • Professional dance fishnet tights in black and tan

  • Gold & Silver Glitter

  • Synthetic Glamorous Ponytail attachment 

  • Miscellaneous items that are useful would include: Safety pins, hairspray/bobby pins etc. 


Stilt-walkers/Fire Performers/ etc.: It’s always great to have your own black covers, and costumes are a bonus. 


Postage: When costumes are posted to you, tracking will always be provided. Please ensure you collect the costumes in good time before the event to avoid any last-minute closures etc. 


When returning costumes, it will be specified on your brief the style in which you should send these, E.G ‘Parcelforce 48’. Please follow this carefully and attach a receipt to your email with your event invoice. Choosing to send the costumes a different way without approval may mean the full postage cost isn’t returned to yourself. 

The Booking Process

Nova Job Postings Group

Nova jobs will be posted in the Nova Job Postings Group via FB. If you are interested in a job, please comment on the job post saying so. Please don’t inbox or message your availability. You can tag friends in posts, but they have to be a member of Nova and within the group already to see them. 


‘Please pencil me in’

This may be requested when Nova is awaiting a deposit payment from a client, or is finalising details with a client, but the booking is looking likely to go ahead. This means to pop Nova in your diary and message immediately if you have another job offer for that date/time, for Nova to then respond confirming you, or releasing you from the pencil. 


‘Please book me in’

This means the booking is 100% confirmed and to pop Nova in your diary. You will receive a job brief the Monday prior to the event. 



As per the agency joining contract, when you agree to work an event in any form (via social messaging/ online/in person etc.) you are obliged to then work the event as planned. A cancellation with no cover does result in a fine. 


You need to cancel the event due to an emergency: Ring 07846997846.

If there’s no emergency and you would still like to cancel an event, please find suitable options (ideally a few to choose from) for cover BEFORE contacting asking to cover the event. The response is usually based off the cover that has been found. Your cover doesn't have to be a member of Nova, but if they are not they will need to send footage, PLI and CV to Please note that I will not personally help you cover your event by posting and/or any other method. It is your responsibility to provide suitable cover when requesting to cancel an event.

8 Fire.jpg


Your Invoice

An invoice template has been created for your ease. Please send your invoice within five working days following your event date to ensure your pay is guaranteed within 30 working days. 







If your invoice features any incorrect information E.G the ‘Date of Event’ worked, or is not sent in PDF format (this is the only format Nova accepts) it will be requested to be ammended. Following receipt of a corrected invoice, it will be added to the next pay-run. 

When emailing your invoice, please ensure you do so in a new thread, and not as a reply to a brief or previous email. as it then gets hidden in the thread. Email the invoice with the subject line ‘Invoice for X on XX/XX’ (Venue and date).


Dates of Payment

Nova doesn’t have a ‘payday’ as such. By doing this, it means you never have to wait over a month to be paid, as paydays are often every 2-3 weeks. If you would like to know the date of the next payday please email or message me asking. 

Image (17).jpg

Enjoy the Gigs!


I only want the best, and know that you're at your best when you're having a fab time. If there's anything that needs addressing to help this, please do get in touch. 

Problems in the Venue

If there is a rowdy crowd, please talk to the client with what can be done to ensure no issues for you E.G. Staying in a specific area and getting escorted by security. 


I absolutely do not stand for any sexual or physical assault. This includes being smacked on the bum, prodded or anything similar. Please inform security when this happens to remove the person causing problems. In addition, if you feel like you’d like to pursue things further with the police please know that Nova back you in doing this, and all of our clients will help the process. 

Nova has a zero hate speech policy. Please notify me immediately if you are privy to this.

Finally, have a fabulous time representing Nova!

Your Nova contact

Sarah Douglass




Photographs, Social Media & Dress Code

Posting photographs/videos from the event

Taking your own images/videos at the events is fine to do on all events backstage only.  You are then able with written consent from Nova, to post these photos/videos on any of your own social media channels. NOT on any business pages, or channel of any kind. All of the photos/videos must feature @novaeventsltd tag and must NOT feature any tags of the venue or client. No check-ins etc. 


Professional Imagery/Videos from the event

You are not permitted to give out any personal details on site any event ever. If you would like a videographer or photographer to send you images/video footage you must give out the Nova info, and this will be passed on accordingly. Alternatively, take his contact number and pass it directly onto Nova to organise. You are then able to post this footage on social media channels but NOT on any business channel. All of the photos/videos must feature @novaeventsltd tag and must NOT feature any tags of the venue or client. 

Dress Code

As per the agency contract, no self-advertising is permitted art events. Because of this, no clothing with any personal branding on can be worn at any point on site events (including arrival and exiting). You are free to wear any standard clothing at events from sweats to jeans and so forth, but please keep the super casual clothing - E.G. 'onesies' for your home life only. 

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