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Animatronic Costumes

A true showstopper range of acts!

Our incredible animatronic costume range mimics the true size, and proportions of the real animals. They come with super-realistic features; sound effects, moving eyes and mouths, and our performers inside the costumes will move in such a way as to convince your guests of nothing short of the real thing!

Dinosaur Animatronics for Hire


Our incredible T - Rex is one of our most popular acts. He comes with a guide costumed to fit any event, with caveman as the most popular request. Perfect for parties, festivals and more - watch as our T-Rex leaves your guests in awe!

Animatronic Dragon for Hire


The perfect addition for birthday parties, or 'Train my Dragon', or even 'Game of Thrones' events! Our incredible Dragon comes with a warrior guide, or with his very own fire-breathing Khaleesi. 

Gorilla Animatronics for Events


Kong has nothing on us!

Our incredibly realistic gorilla is the perfect addition to birthday parties, circus, jungle and zoo events! He comes in a rolling cage with his own zookeeper to ensure the beast behaves!

Animatronic Polar Bear for Hire

Polar Bear

Our incredible life-like polar bear is the perfect addition to Christmas themed events and grottos. He's always a hit at Light Switch Ons and Shopping Centre events! 

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