The true power performers! Get ready to see strength, flexibility, and balance taken to the next level!

Acrobatic Troupes

Our incredible acrobats show insane strength as they display power moves and stunts together. 

Hand Balancers

Incredible acts showcasing true strength and flexibility, all whilst balancing on their hands!


Watch our stunning duo act take you through a combination of dance, acrobatics, gymnastics, and acrobalance.

Bouncy Stilt Acrobats

There are limited bouncy stilt acrobats who somersault in the world, and we are lucky to have the best bunch on our books!


Watch an astounding show of strength, trust and agility come to life in the most inconceivable power positions!

Cyr Wheel

Awe-inspiring strength and elegance makes this a favourite of all clients! A unique and creative show.

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London, United Kingdom